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Procurement Office Paper Tabled in Yukon Legislature

A research paper prepared by Paul Emanuelli in support of the Yukon Procurement Panel Advisory Report entitled “Building a Better Framework for Open and Fair Competition” was recently tabled in the Yukon legislature for public release. As reported by NationalTalk, the Yukon Procurement Panel was established to help address concerns raised by the Yukon business community regarding the territory’s current procurement model.

The full report and summary of findings can be found on the Yukon Government website.

The research paper covers the core issues relating to local preference prohibitions and warns against unfairly biasing procurements in favour of local suppliers. It also addresses the other end of the spectrum, warning against the increasing trend across public institutions to run procurements biased in favour of larger suppliers. The section entitled “Battling Big Firm Bias: The Perils of State-Sponsored Monopolies” warns against unbalanced procurement strategies that unfairly favour large suppliers at the expense of small and medium sized suppliers and the related risks of creating monopoly situations through the quest for larger and larger contracts.

The paper concludes with a series of recommendations, many of which expand on the findings of the Ontario Student Transportation Competitive Procurement Report, focusing on building balanced frameworks for open competition by avoiding both unfair local preference and unfair big firm bias.